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Happy National Crochet Week! 

I spent some time over the past few weeks looking for crochet tutorial videos online and with a couple of exceptions have come up empty. So when someone in my class requested video of making a granny square I knew I was in for a do-it-yourself project. If you are interested, they are posted on the Crochet 101 blog and also at http://crochet101.blip.tv/

I recorded the videos with my little Fuji FinePix camera and edited them in Camtasia. They’re a little dark but it was either a little dark or massive glare and shadows. I thought the shadows were very distracting so I can accept a little dark. It took one afternoon to record, edit, render, and post the videos. Since the videos are for my students, several of whom are tending to crochet very tightly, I start them with a larger than normal center circle and use two chains in between each set of three dcs instead of the normal ch 1.

For posting video in general I would give blip.tv two thumbs up. It is easy, fast, you retain your rights (unlike YouTube) and you can opt in or out of advertising. If you opt in, they share the revenue with you. I opted out but if I were to make a series of videos like these I would opt in and see what I could get out of it. I also tried Revver but they have each video screened by a person on their end so it takes longer to post things there. They also share ad revenue but you can’t opt out of the ads.


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