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Scaling Back

If anyone followed a link here and got a “page not found” error message I have pulled down pretty much everything except the patterns and the recipes.  Click on the tabs at the top for a list of both.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Tooth Fairy Pillow

The first loose tooth showed up Sunday morning.  I knew I had seen some tooth fairy pillows on Ravelry and sure enough I had even thought to favorite one of them.  Given the looseness of the tooth I figured the simpler the better so I ended up with the KnitPicks pattern worked up in Lily Sugar ‘n Cream.

Tooth Fairy Pillow

She wanted the pocket in blue and I added a face to the other side.

Tooth Fairy Pillow

The tooth fell out Tuesday and the Tooth Fairy was much happier to get the tooth from the pillow pocket than to have to rummage around under her pillow.

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On the left is a pure merino wool sweater knit in Ireland that looks to have been worn maybe a handful of times.


On the right is a Supergirl costume that was maybe worn once in ChaosGirl’s size.  Not only does she love it for playing but it looks like it gets me out of another year of fairy princess land at Halloween.


Does anyone know what sort of boots Supergirl wears?

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