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Artsy and crafty

Normally I’m not inclined to do drawing/painting sorts of projects but to save some money and some space in our fairly small house I had a plan to make ChaosGirl a play kitchen.  I bought a small tablecloth and then never did anything with it.  I’m taking a mental health/cleaning/cooking day today and while I was cleaning the craft room I found the table cloth.  Taking that as a sign I proceeded to muck around with it for about an hour and have ended up with this:


  • one round end table with bottom shelf
  • one round table cloth (the kind for the cheap-o little round tables that you screw the three legs on to.  I don’t recommend using one of those tables though unless you have to because they aren’t very sturdy.
  • various colored Sharpies
  • pipe cleaners
  • that white cloth tape you use for bandaging with gauze
  • scissors (regular and pinking shears if you have them)
  • 1/2″ elastic (about a yard should do but measure your table first.)
  • Assorted dishes to trace around

The gist of it:

Put the table cloth on the table.  Wrap the elastic around the table so that it is tight enough to hold the table cloth on but not so tight you can’t get it on and off easily. Cut to length allowing an extra inch to overlap and sew the ends together to make a big circle.  Now put the elastic back around the table and get your markers and dishes.

I used a Care Bear placemat to trace the edge of the cook top and a bowl for the outside circle of each burner.  A spice jar was a good size for the control knobs.  A square leftover container gave me the outline of the sink and a rectangle one the outline of the cutting board. The rest I free-handed.

The faucet is about half a dozen white pipe cleaners and one blue pipe cleaner twisted together and bent to a faucet shape with the blue being the water coming out of the faucet. Leave the bottom 3″ or so untwisted.  I cut a tiny hole in the cloth and stuck the bottom untwisted part of the pipe cleaners through and splayed them out to hold the faucet up. It’s not sturdy but easily fixable and if it ends up being too much of a pain I can take it off and put a little piece of tape over the hole.


I then made two cuts in the front for the oven door to be able to lift up. The oven door is about 15″ wide.  I used pinking shears in the hope it wouldn’t fray too much. We’ll see.  I then used a rectangle left over container to outline a window and cut that out.  A little marker decorates a bit.  To make it hold its shape a bit more I used the white cloth tape to attach four pipe cleaners to the underside of the door – one on each side of the window.


Yeah, I probably should have ironed the tablecloth first.

EDITED TO ADD: ChaosGirl pointed out that I forgot the buttons to turn the oven on so we had to add those.

And the oven window makes a good cat door into what may be their new favorite napping spot. 😉


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For those who don’t know this already, our house is up for sale again. We need something with a yard that ChaosGirl can play in, I’d like a kitchen that was actually functional, and it would be nice to drop the mortgage payment down some. So the showing service calls yesterday and someone wants to see it around 6PM. While the place is basically clean I still head home early to tidy and take care of dinner which is in the crockpot. The roofers are actually done and the new roof looks really nice. We head out to get ChaosGirl and putz around for an hour before we can go home and have dinner.

As for what was in the crock pot:

Cranberry Pork Roast (from Myron on the Slowcooker Yahoo Group)
1 pork roast (mine was around 2 lbs.)
1 can cranberry sauce (I used Ocean Spray Whole Berry)
1 packet onion soup mix (I used onion mushroom because it’s what I had)

Mix the cranberries and the soup mix together and pour over the roast.

It’s kind of like the chili sauce/grape jelly meatballs. It doesn’t taste like cranberries – it’s more of a sweet barbecue flavor. I shredded the leftover meat in with the sauce and will have it on sandwiches.

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